Learn With Homer: An Exciting New Learning Program for Young Kids!

*Thanks to Learn with Homer for partnering with us to sponsor this post. Opinions, and our own amazing experiences with the program, are all our own!

As homeschoolers, I think we try dozens of new online learning modules a year. No two children are using the same programs at once, and that's OK. In fact, I think it's very important as a parent to know what all the tools are that are available for a child so that you can make the best decisions about what will work for them.

We recently were introduced to a very new to us program Learn with Homer, and I used it immediately with my eager 5-year-old. He is a bright kid, always trying to teach himself to read, and he wants to be a "big" boy like his brothers. He asks to do "school" each morning, and this usually entails him logging onto some online learning environment. Learn with Homer isn't new, but it is getting a face lift with new interactive worlds, stories, videos, and more!

He gave Learn with Homer a shot over the past few days. He has been obsessed. Not only is he getting phonics and grammar instructions, but he loves all the science, history, and music lessons, too! His favorite song right now is a Christmas carol sung all in Swedish, and he has been going on and on about the differences between mammals and other animals. And to think; all this learning is part of a carefully integrated approach to getting kids to read, the only one of its kind proven effective by gold standard research!

In short, he is very excited about this program. One other thing I realized, as he was going through it, is that it is age appropriate but challenging. As a boy who is crazy about all things monsters and zombies, it was refreshing to hear him get super excited about the fact that he earned two "hats" to put on his avatar after doing his lessons. Hats. Can you believe that something so simple and innocent could get him so jazzed to learn?

This leads me to believe that the people behind Learn with Homer really know their stuff. I'm glad to have found this resource, and I look forward to watching them add new content. Since Learn with Home has been teaching kids to read for a few years now, I'm excited about this update to the program. My 5-year-old couldn't be more eager to learn!

You can learn more about Learn with Homer at their website, on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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