Review of Mary's Secret Ingredients Box

Yes, I'm here to tell you about another box subscription service, but this one is unlike any we've reviewed before. Mary's Secret Ingredients Box is a collection of curated ingredients for making fantastic recipes, and we were very pleased with the assortment in our fall box!

As you can see below, we received a little of everything: ingredients, seasonings, and utensils to make bold flavors and experience new recipes. Details on each of the gifts came in the box, and recipe ideas are emailed to you after the box comes to your door.

My favorite part of the box was a tie between the measuring spoon set (it included measurements like a "pinch" and a "dash") and the Sarah's Sea Salt seasoning salt. Wow! I couldn't believe how flavorful it made a simple broiled Tilapia filet! There was also some very yummy pepper jelly and Ultragrain flour, along with a postcard designed by Mary herself. It was a tasty box!

These boxes are available for purchase as a single gift, or a subscription for you or someone you love, and come out quarterly.  You can check out the details at the Mary's Secret Ingredients website. (And remember, in the spirit of Mary, you will be helping to fight hunger with your purchase. These boxes help support Feed the Children, one of the top hunger-fighting organizations in the world!)  The next shipment date is coming up -- on December 5th!