Review of Skylanders SuperChargers for Xbox 360

My boys own all of the Skylanders games, and they were of the opinion that it really couldn't get any better than last year's Trap Team kit. They got to test out the SuperChargers Starter Pack for Xbox 360 this month, however, and they are so excited to see vehicle action included in the game play!

First, it's pretty much like all the other games in the way it requires you to place characters on the portal of power. This edition's portal is a bit different, however; it's cooler-looking and a bit bigger (likely to accommodate the car).

Like all of the games, my kids can use their growing and massive collection of Skylanders figures to play.  They have so many now, that they can almost never "die". They just keep switching out characters until they get past tough levels. I think it's great that they can keep building upon their army!

This game includes the Skystones mini games that my boys love so much, but it also includes some upgrades. You can actually take your gaming online to battle friends!  (We don't do online stuff with the boys yet, but I know some of you do.) There are also 10 vehicle missions to keep them entertained for hours. This is not a game we'll grow tired of any time soon.

There are so many collectibles I'm about to lose my mind. The boys have already plotted out how they could possible amass the 266 hats, 126 vehicle mods and horns, 88 Skystones Overdrive cards, 60 legendary treasures, 20 soul gems, 10 winged sapphires, 10 Kaos story scrolls, and other stuff that I can't even begin to understand!

And let's not forget what's really exciting about this game: it lets you race! Having so many ways for the boys to compete with their cars is what separates this game from all the other Skylanders games. They really enjoy the track play! (And, like the other games, it gives my boys the chance to play with their cars and characters off-line, too. The figures just make great toys!)

Skylanders SuperChargers is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and Wii U!

*Activision provided a copy of the game. Opinions are my own.