Smart Solutions for the Busy Home Cook

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for KitchenIQ. I received promotional items to thank me for my participation. 

I am starting to spend less and less of my time each day in the kitchen. There are two reasons for this: First, I am training my kids to cook and clean, and it's really starting to positively impact my time! Second, I've finally upgraded to some pretty amazing tools! The less time I have to fiddle around with fixing or cleaning my tools, the more time I have to spend with my family!

Kitchen IQ is a brand that totally gets my goals. In fact, I recently had a small get-together with my best friends, Aunt, and Grandma to have some yummy food and share some of my favorite Kitchen IQ tools. Here is what I found to be their most awesome offerings:

1. The Edge Grip Knife Sharpener. You know how some knife sharpeners take up so much room and look like they belong in your garage -- not your kitchen? The Kitchen IQ Edge Grip Knife Sharpener not only stores away nicely in your knife drawer or cabinet, it sets on the edge of a counter and doesn't slide all over the place while you use it -- so it's safer, too! It takes minutes to use the 2-stage sharpening to get your cutlery in order again. Anyone can do it.

(The guests at my party LOVED this item. It would make a very nifty gift for a wedding or housewarming party, too!)

2. 3-in-1 Potato Tool. We scrub a lot of potatoes. And carrots. And cucumbers. (You get the picture). Since root veggies can be notorious for being "dirty" even after you wash them, I love using this Potato Tool to scrub veggies and potatoes, peel, and then slice them with just one gadget! The knife stores inside the handle of the scrubber/peeler. I'm all for less drawer clutter!

3. The Better Zester. Zesting orange and lemon peel can give your baking, fresh salad oils, and even your sauces a nice, fresh taste. By using The Better Zester with a built-in measuring cover, you know exactly how much you're making! I found this to be super easy to clean up, too!

These are just a few of the very affordable and inegenius tools from Kitchen IQ. They come in bright and bold colors to help you coordinate, as well.  My party was so much fun, and I enjoyed some amazing dishes with friends and family (like my Grandma's classic brownies.) And every one that attended was so thrilled to get The Better Zester to take home. I could see their brains working as they thought of all the things they could start zesting!

Now that our party is over (and I got to take home the leftover food for my kids), I can't wait to incorporate more of the Kitchen IQ tools into my routine. I currently have my eye on the Pepper Tool, as we cure so many peppers during the summer when our garden is popping. I love the idea of taking out seeds without fuss!

Which tool do you think you'd like best?