5 HOT Solutions to Foster Creativity in your Home

As a homeschooling mom, I can't think of anything more precious to celebrate than creativity. I have 6 kids, all blessed with different gifts, and each of them have the potential to make marvelous things and show their individual talents.  That's why today's gift guide is so personal for me; I hope that all parents can encourage kids to think big and show their true spirit!

Check out these 5 amazing products, all designed to watch creativity soar in your home (with very little effort on your part!)

1. ZoomKIT- This is a super innovative all-in-one lap desk, travel center, and activity hub. Made from super soft but sturdy materials, kids as little as 3 can use it inside, outside, or in the car/ on a plane. The removable inserts help convert it to an art center, a lunch station, or just a place to store toys and trinkets. We really like how the legs come off for easy storage and travel, but it takes seconds to put it all back together for use.


We use this in the car a lot. We strap our little guy into his car seat, then place the ZoomKIT on his lap. There's even a tether for the ZoomKIT to keep it on his lap, should we wiggle or get crazy. There's a tether on the ZoomSNACK insert for utensils (no more icky dropped spoons), but you can also use it to tether a favorite toy!

ZoomKIT comes in pink or blue and is great for taking to sporting events, while watching a family movie, or waiting in the doctor's office. Anywhere you want a sturdy, safe, and portable place for your kid to learn, play, or eat, there's a place for ZoomKIT! You can find this product at their website, or check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram!

2. Table-Time Tablecloth. My table is a hot mess, marred from years of wear and homeschooling. When it comes time to cover it for projects or simply eating, I want a table cloth that wipes down easily. But what if you could find a tablecloth that also encourages creativity and learning? The Table-Time Tablecloth does just that with its dozens of colorful illustrations that display counting, telling time, shapes, counting backwards, seasons, greater than/less than, and so much more!

Instead of having kids distractedly looking at the back of the cereal box, use the Table-Time Tablecloth to show them something of substance. It's a great solution for keeping your table safe and showing kids a new way to learn -- with no effort on your part. (Plus it's awesome for starting dinner conversations.)

Get all the details on this innovative tool at their website, on Twitter, or Facebook!

3. Art Appeel Personalized Place Mats by Olive Kids - Place mats are a great way to teach personal space, keep projects from messing up your table, and allow kids to be creative. These personalized place mats are super cute, and they can be made special with your child's name!

Even with names like "Moses" and "Manasseh", they can make them just for your special child!  My boys love doing messy art projects on these, and I like to use the "printing alphabet" one during handwriting time to help them with forming their letters. It's a homeschooler's dream come true!

Choose from over 2 dozen designs! Check out their website for more information.

4. DC Super Heroes Origami Folding Book - This one is for all the Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman fans! Get a BIG book of foldable projects made easy with the pre-printed folding squares paper. There are projects for every skill level, details folding instructions, and multiple copies of each so that more than one kids can make Wonder Woman's crown or boot -- or you have several tries to perfect your creation!

This will keep kids busy for hours, days, and even months! See this fun trailer video for more info:

This book is now available at Amazon!

5. Build! A Knight's Castle: Paper Toy Archaeology - My kids are big into Medieval Times stuff right now (thanks to their classical homeschool education) and one of their project was to create a castle model. This book has made that chore so much more engaging and fun! The punch out and fold buildings, characters, accessories and more are so easy for kids to put together, but the real fun is in the learning opportunities throughout the book! With timelines, illustrations, and descriptions of life in the day of the castle, it's something you can use again and again.

My boys really dig this book! Snag it on Amazon now!

*Samples of some products received to try and review. Opinions are my own.