How to Create a Guest Basket (and Towel Rolling Tutorial!)

We are not usually the type of family that has overnight guests. It's not that we don't like company, but our house is small -- very small. We usually only have my father-in-law come when my daughter is over at a friend's house and we can spare the room.

We also aren't super fancy. So we never used to do anything special for guests beyond making the bed up with clean sheets and laying out a towel. After an unfortunate incident where my father-in-law mistook a very plush throw blanket for a towel (rather embarrassing), we decided to make it easier on guests, and our kids, by making sure that guests knew what was available for their use.

This quick basket idea takes but minutes to put together, and you can keep it up and out of the way between visits. All you need to throw together the perfect guest basket is:
  • 1 cloth storage cube 
  • 2 large bath towels, a hand towel, and a washcloth or bath poof
  • Toiletries (such as shampoo/conditioner and body wash)
  • A scented candle
  • A box of tissues
I prefer to buy the American Home candles from Walmart, as they are made by Yankee Candle and smell divine. I can afford to buy a new one for each guest because they are so budget-friendly. I like my towels to be Better Homes and Gardens, as well as my cloth storage cube. I will pick up a gift bag for guys or girls with all the toiletries they need, and they have something nice to take home with them when they leave (like this Axe for Her gift set!)

All of the items are available at Walmart, and you can just replace the used items for the next guest.

Now, about that towel. Rolling them into a "snail shell" shape keeps them looking their best in the basket between uses. Here's how to simply do it:

1. Lay out the towel horizontally.  Fold it in half by bringing the bottom up to meet the top. It should still be longer horizontally.  Repeat this so that the towel is not folded in half two times. It will still lay horizontally.

2. Now, you can fold the towel in half the other direction by bringing the long ends together. Your towel will still be horizontal, but half as long.

3. Starting with the loose ends (not the "fold") start rolling the towel toward the folded end. The tighter you roll, the better it will look. You should end up with a giant roll with no loose ends. Set the towel with the folds facing up like shown in the picture below.

How easy is that!

I really recommend doing this before anyone stays over -- even friends of your kids. You never want to have an incident where something gets borrowed or used without permission! What other items can you think to put in your guest basket?

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