Pick a Live Tree this Year with Jackson & Perkins!

The holidays are almost here, but we are struggling with a small house that is so busy, we aren't sure if we'll have room for a tree! We recently received a beautiful, live tree from Jackson & Perkins to review. I was immediately taken with how it smelled; in fact, I left it in my bedroom overnight and woke up to the smells of Christmas!

There are a few reasons you might want to consider a tree like it, beyond the obvious fact that it takes up less room. One, you are putting a living tree in the center of your decor, which means no dead needles to clean up or tree stands to battle. Everything you need to decorate is included, like trimmings, lights, and ornaments. Also, in select geographic areas, you can plant the tree when the holidays are over. That means you are adding to the beauty of your yard with a tree that you can enjoy for years to come!

Extra ornaments that came with our tree.

The tree was just one fun gift we got to see. We also enjoyed some neat items that make gift-giving easy, such as this jar of cookie mix! They also offer fresh fruit, chocolate-covered strawberries, toffee, and so many more gourmet gifts!

Check out all the offering at the Jackson & Perkins website. They currently have several special offers for free shipping, big discounts on trees, and limited selections of their most special gifts!