Review of Standard Deviants Accelerate Online Program

We do a lot of our homeschool online these days. Having a wide range of programs available to us -- even as we are located very rural -- helps ensure that my kids can learn almost anything they need to throughout their homeschool education. We were able to review the Standard Deviants Accelerate program this past month, and it definitely has quite the range of offerings. The entire program is housed on the website.

What programs do they offer? Earth science, nutrition, biology, chemistry, elementary math, fundamental math, algebra, English comp, U.S. History, and several AP courses (Bio, Chem, American Govt/Politics, U.S. History, and English Comp) are all available to purchase at a monthly or lifetime fee.

The courses themselves are very multimedia. There are short video clips, lectures, cartoons, slideshows, and more to keep kids engaged and the pace of the course moving along. Kids are often presenting the information, and the aim of the program is to be something that will get kids' attention and keep it throughout the program.

How did we use SDA? I had my 6th grade son take the Earth Science, Nutrition, and the Fundamental Math. We had him replace his regular lessons with SDA during the time of our review.  The lessons took a little less time than our regular textbook work, and he seemed to cover quite a bit of content in a brief time. He did mention that he wasn't quite used to all of the multimedia; having kids present him info took some getting used to. He was much more used to having information presented via video by an adult.

Standard Deviants Accelerate offers a wide range of programs, and parents and teachers can see at a glance what will be covered in each. By clicking on the Nutrition course, for example, you will be presented with an outline of all the course offerings:

Once inside the lesson of your choosing, you can switch between the video presentation or the text. You can also see a full transcript of the lesson for review.

Each lesson also has a set of vocabulary words, which you can play for pronunciation:

There is also a diagram, quiz, and a chance to do long written question and answers for understanding. It's a very comprehensive way to teach and learn!

SDA can be used with multiple students in one household, and the grading and tracking tools make it very effortless for the parent to see what kids need help with and how far they are coming along. Adding or dropping a child from a course takes just seconds. It's a very intuitive program for managing a wide range of classes or even for more than one student taking the same course.

It is also easy to use across a wide variety of devices, from laptops to desktops to tablets. Courses currently cost $9.99 a month for one course for up to 5 students to take.  You can also get a lifetime membership that allows you access to all the courses for $745, and it allows up to 10 students to take each course!