Switch out a Light Bulb to #GreenLightAVet!

I always try to thank a serviceman or woman when I see them out and about in uniform. I have never sacrificed in the way that they have, and I believe that a simple act of thanking them doesn't even go very far to let them know how much I appreciate them. But it's a start.

Now, what about all of those vets who I don't see in uniform? I don't even know that they served, so I can't take the opportunity to thank them... or can I?

The new #GreenLightAVet campaign lets me do what I've always wanted: thanking all vets. I don't need to know who they are to let them know that I care. I just change out one light bulb in my home with a green bulb (a symbol of hope and support), and vets everywhere can know that I support them, both in and out of uniform.

This campaign is supported by Walmart, but it's so much more than a corporate campaign. I have seen social media posts from all kinds of retailers, people all over the country, and from friends and family of every branch of the service. It's been an eye-opening look at just how strongly people feel about the need to support our military, even in the absence of really knowing who they are.

This quick video really shows the heart of the campaign, and how effective it is to participate.

This year, you can GreenLight A Vet. Just grab a light bulb, and put it on your porch or any room in your home. Start today, but let it burn all year! If you can't do that, I'd love to see your social media posts with the "green light" designation on your profiles, as well! Just be sure to use the hashtag #GreenLightAVet. Today is the perfect day to start!

You can also follow @GreenLightaVet on Twitter and see all who are participating here!

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