We Share Our Favorite Memories: Inside Out Style!

Inside Out is now out on Blu-Ray Combo Pack and On Demand, and we were so blessed to be able to watch it with our kids.  We also received a really neat scrap-booking kit to create our own photo album that we decorated "Inside Out" style!

As you can see below, one of my favorite "core memories" is when my husband met my daughter. I was a single mom at the time, and they hit it off so well. They were instantly best friends, and I knew at that moment that our marriage and new life together would be full of those amazingly happy core memories that are so precious to look back on.

Does your family have some amazing core memories to share and commemorate? You really must do this activity with your kids, having them pick out their favorite photos to put into a memories scrapbook that you can decorate and personalize together.  To make it easy, Inside Out has created some fun, free activities!  Just click on the button below to get started:

Have you seen Inside Out yet? This Disney film was quite the tear-jerker (but in a good way.) As a parent, I admit that it was difficult at times to realize that we only have to long to make and keep memories with our kids. My children also learned some good lessons about getting in touch with all of our feelings in a healthy way -- even those that are a bit uncomfortable to experience at times.

Check out this bonus clip from the film:

Find the movie now wherever your favorite Disney movies are sold. 

*Screener and memory pack was received. Opinions are my own.