When Life Throws So Much Crazy At You, It's Time for a Health Tune-Up!

This post was sponsored by Massage Envy as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

Life is tough. This week's Thanksgiving Day preparations are just one example. Would you believe that, just a week before I was supposed to prepare the ENTIRE Thanksgiving dinner for my family of over 25 people, my hot water heater and my stove both died?  I managed to scrape through, all while blogging full time and homeschooling the kids. I also had my cell phone die, so it was a week full of trying to scramble around while I got it all done. I can honestly say that I will have a beautiful spread for the table tomorrow, but I really paid for it!

My body is not as young as it used to be, and I'm really feeling my crazy week at 37-years of age. I have a crick in my neck and a sore shoulder blade that are giving me a little grief right now. While a heating pad usually does the trick, I also know of another method to reduce body tension and get me back on track -- a body massage!

I'm a big fan of the Total Body Care focus that Massage Envy implements in every massage they deliver. I was a customer of their Omaha location, back when I lived closer and could get a baby sitter. My once-a-month massage from Massage Envy was something I looked forward to each and every time, because I knew I would come out feeling  better than ever. I would be less stressed, more energized, and have less of those tensions aches that come after a week like I had this week. In short, it's like a healthy tune-up for your whole body, and it's something that can perfectly remedy so many of the "crazy" weeks that moms have.

So here's why moms should consider adding massage to their total body care routing: because. Really. That's my answer. Massage is not a luxury. It's a vital part of a holistic approach to feeling better. Moms really put themselves out there, serving others all the time. Isn't it time to invest a little in yourself?

Here's a very hilarious (and true) video that shows exactly what I'm talking about!

Please consider checking out Massage Envy when you have a chance. I think you'll be so glad you did! They have a really amazing Facebook page and Twitter account to help you with your questions and to find a location near you! Let them help you manage this thing called living...