Would You ever Rent Toys? 5 Reasons Why You Should

Thanks to Pley for partnering with us on this post!

When we used to go on long car trips, we would always rent a vehicle. Why? Because we knew that we didn't want the expense of paying for a new car, and we just needed the luxury of a newer vehicle for our trip.  As my kids grow up, I am starting to believe that the same approach can be taken towards toys.  Let me explain...

There are 5 reasons renting things -- toys, specifically, just make sense:

1) Toys are expensive. They seem to cost more every year, and yet, my kids see more cool things they want every year.  Renting toys essentially cuts out the cost of buying new for every neat toy the kids insist on having. Even when they buy it with their own money!

2) It isn't just the items that they want that cost so much. It's the things I would love to play with them or have them experience that cost so much.  Renting toys gives them the chance to experience all kinds of play and build memories without having to shell out cash for new toys all the time.

3) Toys take up room (that we don't have.) Did you know that we are a family of 8 living in a small house? How small? We have 6 kids and 3 bedrooms. We have 1 bathroom. We have no basement or attic. In short, space is a premium, and buying new toys is something we don't have much room for!

4) Renting lets kids be themselves. Not only does renting toys keep fresh play in the home, it helps you be sure that you're giving each child the chance to try new things. Hand-me-down toys can be great, but each kid might have their own play "style".

5) Renting feels good. Toys can sit alone, dusty, unused. Renting toys makes sure they get used.

A very exciting service called Pley is meeting the needs of families like us who:

a) Don't want to spend the money on new toys
b) Don't want to store toys forever that they are only going to use for a little while

What other cool perks come with a Pley membership?

  • Kids get access to a large selection of educational toys, including 400+ LEGO sets and popular robotics toys. 
  • Using Pley is cheaper than buying each toy new; in fact, members save -- on average -- $800 a year!
  • Pley delivers toys to your door. Keep out of the stores when you don't feel like shopping!
  • Toys are like new when you get them, unlike items you may pick up from a thrift store or garage sale (plus much cleaner!)
  • Kids can pick what toys they like, add them to a pleylist, and then get shipped them as they become available!

Pley is a great holiday gift idea that you can try with a one-time gift card toward a Pley membership, or you can gift a membership for as low as $20 a month and keep the toys coming!

Will you consider renting toys this holiday season?