19+ Classroom and Homeschool Resources: Earthquakes!

For those of you who use the "eclectic" method of homeschooling, you probably are like me, and scramble to find resources to engage and enlighten little minds in lieu of traditional textbook teaching. This week, we went over earthquakes with our boys in grades 3-6, and I compiled this list of resources we found to make it entertaining and help it to stick in their little heads.

(Note: Some resources may not line up with your family's position on faith and science. Please review all materials before sharing with your family to ensure it works! We did not use all of the activities listed below.)


Yes, we did use one as a guide. I have a BJU Press 6th grade student text that we used to read from. Chapter 1, pages 3-11, specifically.

Online Courses

SchoolhouseTeachers.com Geology Course (Unit 2) - subscription required
Khan Academy's Earthquakes Chapter (free)


We found a variety of good things to help the boys with the concepts of the layers of the earth and how earthquakes work.

Blog posts and activities:

Layers of the Earth Hands On Science Activity (The Chaos and the Clutter)
Earthquake Experience (The Chaos and the Clutter)
Deconstructed Globe Project (in pictures)


MythBusters: Season 14/Episode 3  (Down and Dirty/Earthquake Survival) - Hulu (Note: This episode is about earthquakes, but the majority of the episodes debunks myths around germs in a bathroom. If you are sensitive to this topic, I'd avoid it or fast forward through these parts.)

NOVA: Deadliest Earthquakes (not suitable for young children)

Noah Justice Video Series (All of the videos in this series address geological principles, history, and theories from a Christian perspective. While not all are specifically about earthquakes, they are a good basic library to have on hand when referring to earth's movement, creation, and change.)

Lesson Plans:

PBS: Earthquakes (includes discussion questions, mini videos, and animations)


Slip, Slide, and Collide 
Plate Techtonics
Spreading Plates
Dynamic Earth
Skills Review

What are some of your favorite earthquake resources to share?


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