Chalkboard Holiday Hot Chocolate and Cookies Place Setting DIY

I love seeing all the fancy place settings in magazines and online during the holidays. And one day, maybe I'll be in a position to have that look in my home!  But for now, we have six, very rambunctious kids who adore the holidays and love our afternoons of hot cocoa and cookies. I decided that this year, I wanted to celebrate in a special way with personalized place settings that are easy and affordable to put together!

To create this look for your home, you'll need:
  • Holiday-inspired mugs
  • Plate of cookies
  • Various hot cocoa mixes
  • Marshmallows, crushed, candies, whipped cream
  • Small dishes or containers to hold cookies
  • A chalkboard tablecloth (Found mine at my local Walmart)
  • Chalk markers

This is a really easy set up and it's kid-proof, too! With the exception of the mugs, which are breakable, everything is safe enough to use around even your most active toddler.

Start by laying out the chalkboard tablecloth on your table.  Figure out where each child will sit, and mark their place in big lettering with the chalk marker.  Add extra designs or drawing for a personalized touch!

Set out out a plate of cookies (I made it easy on myself by picking up a tray from my Walmart bakery), and serving various hot cocoa mixes in bowls with soup spoons in the middle of the table.  I also like to have an assortment of marshmallows or crushed up candies and candy canes for even more sweet flavor!

Set up the rest of each place setting with the small containers used to hold 1-2 cookies.

When kids arrive, show them their seat. Older ones will know which spot is there by reading their names!  Pour hot water into each glass mug, and help kids stir up their choice of hot cocoa with toppings. Have each choose a couple of cookies before settling in for a nice family snack!

During your cocoa and cookie time, you might want to hand out extra chalk markers so that kids can help decorate their places.  Younger kids can use regular chalk, if you're not comfortable giving them the markers.

When you're done, it's easy to clean up and wipe down the tablecloth to be used for your next  holiday snacking session.  (Note: This tablecloth is a fabulous find from my local Walmart store.  I plan on getting a few to keep for year-round. They are great for any occasion where personalized place settings are needed. They are also perfect for photography and homeschooling, too!)

Cookies and cocoa is just one of our favorite things to do together as family, and this simple place setting idea is a fun way to celebrate!

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