Do you Teach? See Our Review of Elementary Box Subscription

I love monthly subscription boxes. But I don't really need food or makeup. What I love are tools that can make my life easier in a fun and imaginative way. Since I'm a homeschooler of six kids, I was especially curious about the Elementary Box service, and was able to try a sample box this month!

The December box came to us just like the photo above. It contained some pretty cool stuff, and was well worth the cost of the box.  We received the following items with a note listing everything out:

  • Herbal Peppermint Foot cream for the teacher (Value $10.99)
  • Mini Polar Bear Erasers (Value $3.00)
  • MyFace Snowman Accents (Value $4.99)
  • Exploring nonfiction cards (Value $12.99)
  • Idioms, Adages, and Proverbs Tasty Task Cards (Value $9.99)

There are some ideas for using the products in the description, and each item is appropriate for the grade level the box is for (in this case, we chose 4th grade.)

This box would make a great gift for a teacher in your life, or even a homeschooler! Since it includes a "treat" for the teacher, as well as both fun and essential tools for the classroom, it's full of items that teachers won't likely buy for themselves. It can also help ease the burden of buying items for the classroom (which we know that all teachers do.)

Since teachers need to plan in advance, these boxes start shipping around the 22nd of the month for the following month's box. This way, the teacher would received January's box before January even begins, for example. And I love that some of the teacher's "treats" are made by small business (like Etsy shop owner, Tami Wooliver!)

Wanna Save? Order now for a teacher in your life and get boxes for just $27 a month with code HolidayCheer. Good on month-to-month plans only.

*I received a sample box to review. Opinions are my own.