Feel Artsy? Our Review of Smart Art Subscription Boxes

I have quite a few budding artists in the family. Ever since my boys were tiny, they've had a marker and paper at their side. My oldest son, now 12, is always sketching drawing and painting, and this product review was perfect for him!

The Smart Art subscription boxes make great gifts for those looking to discover hidden art talents or just refine existing skills. It comes stuffed full with high-quality art supplies and is ready for you to make your next masterpiece!

Just look at everything that came inside our box:

There is also an interactive component to these boxes, which ask that you create your project and share it on social media for others to judge. The most "liked" project wins!

You can expect to get a new box of stuff each month for the low price of $49.95 per box!  And you can continue to create long after your first project. These supplies will last you a long time...

Learn more about the Smart Art experience on their website!

*Sample box received to review. Opinions are my own.