For Family Holiday Fun, We Play Hedbanz!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Spin Master Games. All opinions are 100% mine.

This Thanksgiving was SO much fun. We really had a great time turning off the TV for a week and just playing board game after board game. New to us this year was Hedbanz, a game that even my youngest kids could understand. It's a simple game of "What Am I", but the kids wear a card with their answer on their foreheads!

We've played 3 nights and a few time during the day this week. It's been a nice reward for after the boys finish their homeschool.  This Spin Master game takes no batteries, almost no set up and can be played in any amount of time. It's also one of the few games we own that the older kids enjoy playing with the younger kids.

Here are some pictures of the past week with the kids. We have been trying to clean up after the Thanksgiving holiday, so please excuse the mess in the background:

You can pick this game up anywhere that toys are sold including Walmart. It's a pretty affordable holiday gift, but I highly encourage you to give this gift early. It is most fun played with lots of family members, especially during the holidays. Turn the TV off for a bit; you're family won't miss it with such an entertaining way to spend the evenings!

Check out their other games: Would You Rather  and Quelf for even more fun! You can also follow Spin Master on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for savings offers, promotions, and family game night ideas.

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  1. Do you know what the differences are between the first edition and second edition of this game? I need something adults, a preteen, and a toddler can play together, and this looks like a fun game that might be exactly that!

  2. We've played both, but I'm not sure of the differences beyond newer looking cards and different things to guess. Both are completely appropriate for the ages to play together, though.

  3. Added to the Christmas list--thanks for your help :)


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