GoldieBlox Zipline Action Figure for Boys and Girls Who Like to Build!

She's fashionable. She's jointed. She craves adventure. She's GoldieBlox, the blonde-haired builder that looks like a typical "doll" but carries tools and creates her own fun. We took a look at the Zipline Action Figure set this week, and through some patience, trial, and error, my boys had the experience of watching this girl zip across our bathroom with a zipline system they built themselves!

Before you go thinking that the GoldieBlox toy line is just for girls, I want you to know that my boys had a blast putting this zip line together. Would they have maybe preferred to have a camo-clothed boy doll going down the line? Sure. But it didn't change the point of the toy, which was to learn basic physics skills and create a project from start to finish that they can play with together!

This kit does its duty to get kids actively learning about spacial relation, speed, angles, force, and movement. In fact, it's probably the most fun your child will ever have in physics class! And all the little pieces have purpose, helping kids learn just what goes into all the "machines" we use every day (such as levers, pulleys, and the rest of the really cool stuff that our friend Archimedes came up with in Ancient times.)

Check out their efforts in building and execution in this quick video. It really shows how engaging this toy is!

Whether you're a science buff or not, this toy shines as a launching pad for lifelong learning. Pick it up (and the other kits in the line) at your local Walmart and!

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