Here's How You can #SayMore This Holiday Season (Giveaway)

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Hershey’s KISSES Deluxe. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

You know what I like to get around the holidays? Chocolate. Individually-wrapped chocolates to be precise. I especially love those with decadent ingredients and crunchy nuts!

When I get chocolate, I know that my family is showing me affection, and that they think I'm important! My husband always gives me looks when I nibble at my one chocolate that I eat each night during the holiday season. Giving me chocolate is his way of letting me know how he loves me! It's like saying something... without having to actually say anything at all!

This year, I was able to try the new Hershey's KISSES Deluxe candies. They are so amazing, because they have superior chocolate taste, yummy filling, and freshness with each bite! Since they are twice the size of an original KISSES Chocolate, it's kinda like my husband is telling me he thinks twice as much of me! They are just the right kind of gift to tell someone how you feel this season, whether it be your friend, family member, or the mailman!

Did you know? Hershey’s KISSES Chocolates are the #1 holiday chocolate, whether they are being given as a gift, baked into a cookie, or stuck in the bottom of a stocking. Millions of American families enjoy them each year, and this year, KISSES Deluxe has been added to their offerings to help you "say more" to those you love!

What can you do to participate? Take a moment to talk to your family in meaningful ways.  My husband always asks our kids if what they are saying to each other is "useful" or "uplifting". If it's not, we don't really think it should be said.  By encouraging constructive and loving language in our home, we are making our own pledge to "say more" each day.  This is so important, especially today, when people are plugged into their mobile devices and tablets. Taking time to say what's on our hearts means more than ever before!

This season, I plan on taking time to say more to my family. Because they mean so much to me! One way I plan on doing that is to take a small moment each morning to check in with them and ask them how they are doing. I'll let them know that they are special in their own way, or encourage them in a task they are doing.

What will you do to say more this holiday? Do you have a heartfelt story of a time you chose to #SayMore? Look for the #SayMore hashtag on Hershey's Twitter and Facebook, as well as heartfelt stories that will be shared through videos on their YouTube channel, like this one:

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