Our 2015 Great Big Book Holiday Gift Guide!

So much shopping is already done at our house, but there are a few last-minute special things that I have been keeping my eye open for. In fact, when surveying friends and family, I've learned that many of them have not shopped for 30% or more of their gifts!  In the spirit of sharing (and making sure you don't buy bad gifts) we've decided to share some of the more fabulous books we've loved this year, in hopes you'll be inspired in your shopping. Links to items included in each description:


1. Teddy Bear Doctor, Deanna F. Cook (Amazon, $10.95). This adorable books features dozens of activities you can do at home with the pages of the book and supplies you have around the house. Kids can pretend they are a real vet with the information contained in this book. Learn the symbol for a prescription, how vets spend their days, and fun facts about animals and health. Learning has never been so cute!

2.  The Polar Express, Chris Van Allburg (HMH, $19.99). Our favorite holiday story comes to life with vivid photos and carefully crafted prose in their best-selling hardback book for children of all ages. Follow the adventure of a magical holiday night, complete with trains, visits from Santa, and starry nights! This special edition book also includes an ornament and audio to follow along!

3. Mother Bruce, Ryan T. Higgins (Amazon, $17.99) - Something goes horribly wrong when a loner bear discovers his new found edible eggs aren't all that edible. In fact, they contain live baby geese that seem to think he is their mamma! This hilarious story is wonderfully illustrated and features comedic situations all kids will relate to.

4. The Weekend Cook (Amazon, $15.99) - With the workweek behind you, it's now time to explore in the kitchen. Packed full of foodie adventures for an explosion of flavor and new taste experiences, this book is more than a perfectly packaged grouping of new recipes; it's an unforgettable journey for your tummy!

5. The Irish Kitchen (Amazon, $12.99) - Whether you have Irish in your blood, or you just want to learn more about one of the most influential countries to develop "comfort food", this blend of rustic and mouthwatering is sure to please foodies of all ages and heritages!

6. The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower, P.J. Lynch (Amazon, $17.99) Who says history is boring? With this vivid re-imagining of what the Mayflower experience may have been like, we follow the story of a boy who experiences a bit more than he expected when he goes overboard. Lovely pictures and carefully chosen words bring this tale to a new generation of history lovers!

7. Historium: Welcome to the Museum, Jo Nelson (Amazon, $35.00) What if you could tour the museums of the world without ever leaving home? This big, hardcover treasure shares with kids and grownups some of the most treasured artifacts from every country and period of history. See full-color renderings, key facts, and background stories to help shape the understanding of how the smallest of treasures can change the world forever!

8. 5-GALLON BUCKET BOOK: DIY Projects, Hacks, and Upcycles (Amazon, $19.99)  This book is a great read for the handy guy or girl who wants to make new creations from old 5-gallon buckets. Get step-by-step directions and high quality photos to walk you through gardening, home, garage, and lifestyle hacks that you won't believe all start with a bucket! My faves are the Small-Room Air Conditioner, Chicken Feeder, and Camping and Composting Toilet!

9. Black & Decker Home Planner & Logbook (Amazon, $19.99) Perfect for the homeowner, this book makes it easy to keep all your most important home info and records in the same place. Store details, notes, and receipts, as well as documentation on:
• House History
• Financial Information and Warranties
• Scheduled Maintenance Log
• Appliances
• Heating & Cooling
• Repair Projects
• Decorative Log including Paint & Floor Coverings
• Outdoor Areas & Home Exterior
It's great for insurance claims, repair requests, and just communicating with family members what needs done!

This is just one of our many gift guides we put together this season. Check out our Stocking Stuffers, Hi-Tech, and Foodies Guides, too!

*Samples of books received to review. No additional compensation has been received. Opinions are our own.