Review of INVICTA Challenge: Flash & Thunder (Graphic Novel, Action Figure, and Interactive Game)

If there were two things that I think are very important for my boys to learn, it's a proper understanding of history and how to be leaders. A very cool new product is available (just in time for the holidays) that is hoping to instill BOTH into today's kids. INVICTA Challenge is an interactive game and graphic novel that also comes with a poseable action figure. Kids will get a very in-depth look at a historical figure that showed true bravery and faced incredible odds, all while being challenged to learn and think about how these values can be displayed in their own lives!

Four Horseman Studios sculped the very life-like action figure that's designed for kids 8 and up. It comes with a backpack and weapon, and my boys are so into this kind of toy. It really brings the story of the hero to life!

And who is the hero? In this first edition, Flash & Thunder, kids will get introduced to the story of a Native American paratrooper's incredible D-Day leadership. In fact, the name INVICTA is an acronym that stands for Integrity, Nobility, Valor, Initiative, Curiosity, Tenacity and Accountability -- all things we want to see in our kids, and ourselves!

Priced at $34.99 the product has so much to offer!

For even more interactive ways to learn and play, the folks at Invicta have put together an awesome web component that is also a  Google Play app (and soon to be available on iTunes, too.) You can access interactive questions, challenges, and historical learning opportunities to further reading and discussion of the Ops Package that comes with the product.  It's great for parents wanting to give their kids a compelling way to develop critical thinking and reading skills.

One other really exciting thing about this product is that they have created a scholarship called the Turner Turnbull Scholarship (inspired by the first Invicta hero) to benefit the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Chahta Foundation, a nonprofit that works alongside the Choctaw Nation. A portion of all the in-app sales will go to benefit a student in their 2nd year of college, something that is life-changing for kids in the Nation.

Invicta founders say that “The scholarship funding amount is based upon purchases of the Flash & Thunder app. The more people who download and experience the story of Turner Turnbull, Bob Niland, Ben Vandevoort, and the rest of the men who stormed Normandy and freed Europe, the more we will be able to donate to support the scholarship. Our goal is to raise at least $25,000, and we will update the community regularly on our progress. We have seeded the scholarship with a gift of $1,000 from Invicta Challenge and will build upon that with in-app purchases."

How awesome is that? -- and perfect for deciding which products you buy this holiday season. Giving the gift of history and inspiration to a child will benefit another child through this neat charity initiative! Learn more or buy it before the holiday season here. Get it now at Barnes & Noble!

*Sample received to review. Opinions are my own.