Bringing Style and Beauty to the New Year: Review of Beautiful Calendar

I usually keep a "paper calendar" somewhere in my home, but -- to be honest -- digital ones suit me better. I was able to review the stunning designs developed by the team at Beautiful Calendar, which gives people a modern way to track events and important info throughout their day, week, month and year!

Not only are there lots of pretty designs to choose from (for pet lovers, nature buffs, and more), but the functionality of this calendar is pretty top notch!  You can sync your Facebook events and Google Calendar together with this easy-to-use tool with the click of a button!  You'll never forget that Facebook event again, and business meetings and family birthdays will shop up side-by-side to get you a complete look at your day.

Beautiful Calendar installation is a simple as adding a browser extension to your workspace. Evertime you start your day or revisit your search homepage, your calendar will be there! This easy to use tool is just what you need for all your "get organized" New Year's resolutions!

Choose your favorite theme from the Beautiful Calendar choices, all designed personally by some of the best artists and designers from all over the world! You can let your mood live on your calendar, too!

Beautiful Calendar is free to use. What design if your favorite?

Review opportunity via BlogsRelease