Clever Ways to Organize Toys in a Small Home

*Thanks to Pley for sponsoring this post. Opinions are our own.

Having a small home and a big family can often cause big problems. Since 5 of our kids are still in the "toy" stage of life, and they love building things, this means that there are usually dozens of toy parts, LEGO's, blocks, and bricks underfoot. All of our attempts at organizing usually results in the toys being manageable but not ideal.

So what can a busy, big family do when living in a small home?  Here are my best tips:

1) Every toy has a place. Yes, this is quite idealistic, but it does work. By labeling containers for the boys favorite play sets and then having a place on the shelf in their room just for that toy, we can ensure that they can put their toys away when they are done playing. Without a dedicated place, they just feel lost and unable to pick up after themselves. Empowering them with a strategy is key!

2) Not all toys have to be available at all times. Kids can really only play with a few toys at a time. Even with my boys have all their brick sets out on the floor, they can only build with about 1/5 of what they own. So why have the other 4/5's spread out on the floor?  I recommend having certain sets available at certain times. Then you can rotate. It will keep the play experience "fresh" and you can limit how much they can dump out at a time. (Making clean up so much less frustrating.)

3) You don't have to own all the toys you play with. Did you know that it's now possible to "rent" toys? For families with limited square footage, this is great news! By using a service like Pley to send you one toy at a time, you can have the kids build, play, and then send it away. You'll get a new play experience each time, and there's no need to find space on the shelf.  Pley service starts at just $19.99 a month. Kids will love picking out toys to put in their queue, and you can box each shipment up and send it back for free when you're done.

Are you ready to Pley? Find out more about this service here. There are hundreds of toys to play with, and you never have to find a way to store them!