Homeschool DIY: Personalized Stackable Workbook Organizers

Our homeschool has been a mess for a few weeks now. While all of my boys each have their own workbooks, worksheet packets, and folders, their stuff seems to always get lost or get crushed under the piles that form on our counters. I wanted to create a simple solutions to separate and protect them for each of the boys. This Personalized Stackable Workbook Organizing project was just the thing!

This low-cost project requires the following:

This simple project just requires that you put each child's name on their own container using the stickers. (Remember, that many styles of letters let you use the "W" as an "M", which is a good tip for families like us with 5 boys all named with "M" names!)

Then add more stickers for decoration!

You can also get a pack of 6 of the latching boxes, if you have a big family! We have six kids, and this was perfect for us.

These are great for storing school stuff. We can fit several workbooks, folders, and worksheets in each container. The boys now have NO excuse to leave their work all over the house!

Can you see this system working for your own children? Whether you homeschool or not, I bet you have paper clutter, comics, paperbacks, or even LEGO's that can be wrangled using these affordable and sturdy containers. How will your children personalize them?


  1. Very nice and very nicely organized. Those are cute containers. Thank you for the tips.

  2. Very fun, and a great idea to keep things tidy!


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