Our Family's Favorite Essentials for Cold and Flu Season

It's here, guys. And it's bad. Our family just emerged from the other side of a very, very bad bout of colds and flu. The parents had it. The kids had it. And for the first time, ever.... the baby had it.  We did what we could to ease symptoms, but I also made sure that we were stocked up with all of the flu-fighting essentials as soon as the first signs started to show in our household.

What do we consider "essential"? We have our favorites, many of which we have used for years.

First, I don't go a day without a box of Emergen-C drink on hand. It's super tasty, fizzy, and perfect to drink as a refreshing cold beverage or with a meal. It comes in several flavors, but the Super Orange has always been our favorite. You can find it at Walmart for $9.97 for a 30-pack!

For sore throats and dry coughs, I'm a big fan of the Ricola mint drops. They are refreshing and help to clear up your nose and throat with a mix of natural ingredients. Unlike other cough drops, they come in a a water-resistant wrapper, that withstands moisture and keeps them from getting "gummy" over time.

Now, when the symptoms are so bad you can't think or eat or sleep, it's good to have a cup of hot water with the Mucinex Fast-Max drink powder. They also make tablets for easing symptoms for adults on the go! My husband and daughter also manage their allergy symptoms during this time of year with the Flonase spray, which is now an over-the-counter product that is super affordable at Walmart!

Finally, nothing helps soothe a child or adult like a cup of tea. The Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea has been doing this for years. With new flavors (like Goodnight Grape for kids and Lemon Jasmine), you can mix up your "cuppa" routine and drift off to sleep naturally! These teas are just $2.25 for one box or save with a pack of 6!

What do you keep on hand to combat sickness during the winter? Stocked with all the essentials, Walmart is our go-to place to shop, and there is no out-of-pocket expense with most insurance plans for the flu vaccine. I appreciate that my Walmart pharmacist knows me and is always happy to help with any questions I have about prescription or over-the-counter options.

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