Review of Hoffman Academy Piano Lessons and Materials

Learning piano was an important skill that I thought all my kids should acquire. I learned to play (and still play) and having the right teacher was what I credit for my success. Being a busy mom, I knew that I could teach my own kids piano, but that I wouldn't be as committed to them. I really wanted some help to be sure that I was helping them master the skills they would need, along with piano theory and technique.  We were asked to review Hoffman Academy's resources, and I was very impressed with the results.

First, the videos are well done. You can hear and see everything the instructor is doing. While he is friendly, he is also professional and covers so much music theory in one lesson! My boys took off playing "Hot Cross Buns" in one lesson, then I sat down with one child to see if the optional accompanying materials made a difference. He learned about the staff and "stepping up" in lesson one. He was already so much further along than I could hope for!

We continued doing lessons every day or two. Once the boys mastered the practice song, we moved on. I was only doing worksheets with one son, and those extra materials were helping him gain confidence and also better understand music! The learning components covered sight-reading, ear-training, improv, technique, solfege, and rhythm -- all very important to a good musical education.

After spending some time with the Hoffman Academy videos and the optional course materials, I am very pleased with our progress. The boys are enjoying their lessons, I am freed up to not have to teach the piano (although I do help my son work through the activities). The younger kids are enjoying sitting and watching along with their brother. It's pretty much their favorite part of the school day!

All of the lessons on Hoffman Academy are free to view. I would recommend taking a look at the first lesson to see what topics are covered in each. Then, if you like what you see, don't hesitate to purchase the first set of materials. They are very affordable (priced less than the cost of one piano Theory book), and written with kids in mind. Your children will enjoy learning about music the right way -- not just memorizing songs.

See more info on the Hoffman process at their website or Facebook!

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*I received free materials to review. Opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks for the giveaway, I Really want to teach my girls how to play piano!

    1. It's a wonderful skill that will be appreciate for the rest of their lives!


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