Enter the Pley: I Love My School Contest! {CLOSED}

*Thanks to Pley for sponsoring this post. Opinions are our own.

You know how much I love Pley, the monthly subscription service that lets you rent great toys like LEGOS without having to worry about paying extra for shipping or dealing with the hassle of packaging. We are so happy to announce that they have a new promotion going on that I'm sure you'll want to participate in!

You can win $500 of great educational toys for your school in celebration of this great month of February! The I Love My School Contest, sponsored by Pley, requires that you nominate your school; the school with the most nominations will be announced as the winner and will get the prize!

To easily nominate YOUR school, check out this Facebook page. You have until March 25, 2016! What could your school get with $500 worth of toys?

Did you know that your kids can play with $500 worth of toys without having to spend near that much money to experience them? By using a service like Pley, you can have gently used, clean, awesome toys sent to your house each month so that you can build, explore, and imagine -- then send them back when you're done. If your child plays with 2 sets a month, for example, it would be easy to play with over $500 worth of great gear in just a few months (and at a cost of just $19.99 a month). Talk about savings!

And remember how we told you that Pley was expanding their toy offerings? In addition to great building sets, they know let you rent great open play items like the Frozen Sing-Along Boombox, Video Walkie-Talkies, Zombie Strike Crossbow Bomb Blaster, and more! They even offer American Girl doll outfits and accessories and infant, toddler, and preschool toys from Leapfrog!

Put all the toys you like into your queue, and start playing at a low price of $19.99 a month (which includes shipping) or get the $9.99 a month plan to play with just one toy each month. You can save up to $800 a year -- easily!

Check out the Pley site now for details.