Places to Buy Damaged Homeschool and Education Curriculum at a Clearance Discount

The first year we had to buy math curriculum for 4 students at once, I was completely overwhelmed. So was my bank account. That's when I took some time to do some digging and see how we could get some additional resources for clearance prices. I did lots of research and found out that many companies, including the publishers themselves, offer discounts for curriculum items with defects or flaws.

Before you go thinking that these "damaged" materials are unusable, consider the requirements for an item to be sold as new. They can not have even the tiniest scratch on the cover, much less a tiny bend in the corner of any pages! So what happens when a book becomes "damaged" with a tiny dog ear or with a crease in the cover? The retailer must sell it at a discount -- often as much at 60% off!  This can be a big blessing to homeschool parents who find curriculum to be a financial burden. After all, most books come into our home and get their first "ding" within days of use; so why pay full price for something when it will become used within hours?

Here are my favorite places to buy items at a discount for damage. Not all of them will have inventory at all times. Check back often, as inventory changes and items sell out fast!

1. IEW (Institute of Excellence in Writing). This is where we buy products like Phonic Zoo and other language arts and writing products. Their clearance section often has slightly damaged items or items that are no longer in production.

2. CBD (Christian Book Distributors). This online retailer sells curriculum, in addition to Bibles and church supplies. Check their clearance for things that you might use in your school, especially for those in the "slightly imperfect" section under the homeschool category!

3. Singapore Math. This is the very first place we discovered "scratch and dents" books. See what they have and save 30% or more!

4. Timberdoodle. This outlet sells a variety of homeschool resources, and their damaged items section is replenished all the time!

5. Exodus Books. In addition to out-of-print and damaged items, you may find a few like-new books to add to your collection at great prices!

6. Bright Ideas Press. Their small collection of scratch and dents may offer just what you are looking for!

7. Milestone Books. This vendor of Rod & Staff and Pathways offers slightly used and scratch and dents at a reasonable price.

8. Math-U-See. Our math curriculum of choice, they often put their returned items into the clearance section. You can save big if you snag them in time!

Do you know of a resource that we missed? Tell us about it in the comments!


  1. Peace Hill Press has a scratch and dent section too, but you need to call them as the titles vary a lot. That's how I got all the STory of The World books and activity books.


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