Review of Pro Plan

I consider myself to be a bit of an unorganized homeschooler. As hard as I try, I really need some tools in my life that help me to put together compelling, detailed, and engaging, last-minute activities for my kids to do -- especially when things are hectic with my home and business. With the latest review of, I was able to put a marvelous tool into practice for just this type of need. Their Pro Plan was great to use with my older kids to fill in the gaps where my planning was lacking.  Here's what I loved about this service: is a jack-of-all trades for teachers or homeschoolers. If you need a worksheet for a particular grade or subject, they will likely have it. The same goes for a quiz or test. They also have a growing library of videos, interactive lessons, and animations to help teach or reinforce common concepts from science, math, and language arts.

I used this resource many times over the past month. How? For my older kids, I was always finding that many of the quizzes or tests in our books didn't quite give them enough opportunities to check for understanding. With the testmaker tool on, however, I could use questions from the community to place onto my own customized test or quiz or I could type in my own questions based on what we've learned.  All of the tests or quizzes you create can be stored for later in your own personal teaching library.

We also really liked the "games" feature. You can create -- in minutes -- bingo cards or word searches based on your own vocab, spelling words, or other learning terms. I really liked this feature, as I have one child who finishes his work quickly and doesn't have much to do during the day. Making up a few word searches for him based on his reading vocab list gives him a little extra practice during the week, and it helps me to easily enrich their studies without much work on my part.

Finally, the pre-made library is full of tests, quizzes, and worksheets that have been made for you. If you're not in the mood to build a tool, this is where you would go. I really like the math resources, and it was helpful for me to pull a quiz that someone else created to get through a difficult high-level multiplication lesson that my son was struggling with. This "crowdsharing" platform was one of the unique features of HelpTeaching that I appreciated the most.

There are a lot of resources for printables, but provided some unique options for us when teaching my older kids. While they do have resources for elementary and younger, we utilized the more advanced lesson materials to add some fresh activities and keep my kid busy during an especially stressful month at my house. The Pro Plan, at $24.95 a year, allows you to create unlimited tests and quizzes with up to 100 different questions. You can also access the worksheets and lessons whenever you want, or choose to administer those same quizzes and tests online!