Review of River Street Sweets / Savannah's Candy Kitchen Gourmet Southern Treats!

I am a BIG fan of the pecan and all the flavors it brings to cooking, baking and snacking. Because we live in Nebraska, however, getting a big batch of yummy pecans isn't as fulfilling as if I had gotten them from somewhere they grow native. With a recent sampling of the River Street Sweets & Savannah's Candy Kitchen goodies that arrived in time for Valentine's Day, however, I was in pecan heaven! You are about to become very impressed with the power of a pecan.

First, the items arrived in a perfect condition (even after recent weather delays had it sitting a bit too long at my local UPS.) The Valentine's Day Basket was adorned with pretty packaging and a bright red bow; a reusable basket kept the array of individually-wrapped goodies all in their place from Savannah, GA to my home in rural Nebraska. I was amazed at the size of the treats:

We also received two HUGE Valentine's Day apples. Covered in chocolate, crunchy Georgia pecan pieces, and decadent white chocolate stripes, they are going to feed my big family the next time we want something sinfully sweet to snack on.

We haven't even begun to enjoy all the things that came in our shipment. And considering that every delicious bite is loaded with flavor and quality ingredients, a little bit goes a long way.  But just in case you wonder if you're getting good value for your hard-earned dollar, just take a look at how BIG the pieces of candy are that you get:

A penny doesn't hold a candle to the size of the toffee pieces we devoured! And the pecans are almost as big as my thumb!

Yummy treats shipped fresh to your door is the best way to get your goodies. With River Street Sweets and Savannah's Candy Kitchen providing big flavor you can order online, I highly recommend you give them a try the next time you want to say "thanks", celebrate a special day, or just treat yourself.

More about the company: In 2015, River Street Sweets combined forces with Savannah's Candy Kitchen to create River Street Sweets•Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. It's a marriage of two well-known and highly respected Southern candy brands based in Savannah, Georgia. Siblings Jennifer and Tim Strickland operate River Street Sweets, and just down the street, their father Stan Strickland operates Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. After having been in the candy business for more than 40 years and collectively operating more than a dozen locations, the family companies reunited today to offer a franchise opportunity that provides owners and operators the ability to develop their own handmade candy and ice cream franchise business.

*Big, amazing samples were received. Delighted opinions are my own.