Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for the First Time on Digital HD!

If you remember watching all of your favorite Disney classics on VHS (like we did when our kids were small), you'll probably appreciate that most of them are starting to become available on Digital HD! This new format means you can watch from anywhere (in the car, at home, or from a mobile device) and that you'll never have to deal with damaged VHS tape or scratched DVD's.

I have some exciting news for fans of Snow White... 

It's officially out for the first time on Digital HD, and you can get it as part of a Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital combo pack as in the Walt Disney Signature Collection! In addition to getting three fabulous ways to watch the classic film, you get access to Bonus Features that include:

  • Walt Disney speaking in his own words about the film
  • Iconography of the film
  • Fairest Facts of Them All (a fun feature with Disney Channel star Sofia Carson)

You'll also see an alternate sequence depicted on a never-before-seen storyboard, where the Prince meets Snow White!

Fans of the film will want to pick this up where their favorite films are sold. Remember, you get instant access to the digital copy when you buy! Just look for the code inside the packaging, which is available to redeem until February 2nd, 2018!

And get access to fun activities here:

Download Fun Facts

*Sample received to review. Opinions are my own.