Special Offer for the Mom Who Likes Celeb News!

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I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. As a web professional, it's how I get most of my news. That's why it's so relaxing for me to read magazines -- actual, paper magazines!  My favorites are those that discuss current news or my favorite celebrities. (Yes! I do follow celebrity news when I have time.)

Whether it's the sweet stories of the royal family, or inspiring tales of stars defying the odds, I really like the true underdog tales the best. Us Weekly is one of those magazines that I seem to always find an uplifting piece of celebrity news, and it is also my favorite mag to take with me on long trips or to read on a plane!

If you haven't caught up on celebs lately, I completely understand. It can be hard to find time for something that's just for fun!


Even if you aren't "into" star news, however, I find that it's one of the best ways for me to know what's going on in TV and movies, which is important so that I stay relevant for my teenage children and can be "in the know" with what they are into. Being able to follow celebrity news is also good as a conversation starter with your kids; we use celeb news to tackle tough issues as well as a way to follow our favorites when they make a new film or add a member to their family!


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Who is your favorite celeb? Who would you enjoy reading about most in the next issue of Us Weekly?

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