Sweets for Your Sweet: Our 2015 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

You might not think of Valentine's Day as a holiday for families to enjoy. After all, it's most often thought of as a romantic event, and it's heralded by those in love as a time to indulge and spend some quality alone time.  With 6 kids in a tiny house, however, my husband and I don't put all the pressure to "reconnect" on one day of the year. In fact, we like to turn the holiday into a family celebration!

When looking for ways to make the holiday special, it helps to know what's out there. We've rounded up our favorite products designed to compliment your Valentine's plans. There are items for every budget:

River Street Sweets and Savannah's Candy Kitchen are two respected sweet treat brands who have teamed up to bring shoppers a delightful snacking experience since 1973. Whether you sample their World Famous Pralines®, caramels, Loggerheads® or old-fashioned brittle, you'll probably realize pretty quickly that their Southern charm extends into every flavorful bite. (Just check out this video on how their sweets are made!)

While their items are handcrafted in front of customers in their own Georgia kitchen, you can order online for delivery to your home anywhere in the U.S.! (Check out our FULL review of these amazing eats!)

For the girl who likes glamour and glitz, you'll definitely want to check out Angelica Joy Jewelry. Their initial heart necklace is a very popular piece gifted to mothers customized with their children and loved one's initials. It is available in sterling silver at $120 and 14K yellow, white, and rose gold at $540.  The delicate chain kindly steps aside to let the initials shine! Isn't this piece neat?

If you're a Fangirl (or Fanboy) at heart, then you mustn't miss these Star Wars Bouquets from ThinkGeek! They are filled with plush characters attached to a "stem" via 2 elastic loops (which can be removed) and come wrapped and ready to give. Check out the 3 designs available:
They are priced right at $59.99!

Something sweet and nostalgic is what kids really need these days, and the new book "How to Mend a Heart" by Sara Gillingham is just perfect! With whimsicle vintage-look illustrations and a truthful tale of advice for how to heal hurts, it's simple enough for little ones to understand but full of the good stuff even adults need to hear. This colorful and precious hardcover should be in every child's collection -- no matter what the season! Purchase it at Amazon in time for VDay!

When the kids go to bed, it's time for some winding down, and a bottle of wine is just what the "love" doctor ordered. With a choice between white or red, you can each have your own pick in the patriotic wines production line from Leer Vineyards in Byron, CA! You can feel good about sipping on these delicious drinks, because $1.50 of each bottle of wine sold goes to purchase a mortgage and tax free home to a wounded warrior. (They’ve presented four houses to soldiers in 2015 alone!) Snag a bottle to take home tonight from their site. Choose between Valiant White or Heroic Red; they are both good and start at $22 - 24 a bottle!

*Samples of some items received to try. Opinions are my own.