Ways to Make Secondhand Clothing Your Own

There can be drawbacks to shopping at secondhand stores - if you let them be drawbacks, that is. Typically, you'll find one of everything (various colors and sizes, and not all of it 100% you.)  Don't let any of that get you down! I have a bunch of tips that can help you put together and love a secondhand wardrobe. With a little creativity, you can have a killer collection of outfits that will be totally your style and no one will have any idea they were ever from a thrift store. 

Mix your 'new' used clothes in with your favorites 

You know your favorite top or those cute shorts you never want to grow out of? Use those as an aide in picking out used clothes for your wardrobe. Ask yourself, "Will this go well with those short?" If you can see yourself rocking the outfit, buy it! By complimenting your favorite pieces of clothes, you'll end up with an entire wardrobe you absolutely love.

Don't let a garment's size stop you from adding it to your wardrobe

If you find a top, skirt, or pair of pants too big, take them in or shorten them, so they fit you. In the opposite situation, if something is too small, look up tutorials and ideas on adding fabric to clothes to make them fit. You're secondhand clothes will have a new life breathed into them as you've added your own personal touch to each piece.

Consider dying the clothes

Got something in a super cute style but not a fan of the color? Thankfully there's fabric dyes you can buy and use right at home. Pick out the perfect color that will make it a new personal favorite.

Dress up your secondhand outfit with jewelry and accessories

You don't need to alter the clothes to give them more personality. Using belts, statement necklaces, and other accessories will give your outfit loads of personality.

Don't forget the shoes 

Secondhand shoes are a total steal! You'll be surprised at some of the name brand shoes you can find at a fraction of retail cost. Nothing pulls an outfit together like a pair of shoes you love. Also - you can modify used sneakers, flip flops, and boots so they're more your style.

Glitter and paint doesn't have to mean a kids craft project

You can really enhance shoes and make them truly one of a kind with these supplies.

Shopping at a secondhand shop can be a way better experience than buying from a big name retail store. The entire clothes section is there for you to create your own unique wardrobe out of it. The possibilities of what you can do with your used clothes, is endless. Living on a frugal or small budget doesn't mean you have to dress frumpy, at all!