Baby Room or Nursery Organization: Clothing Storage for Small Spaces

I don't have a nursery. Never had the luxury. But I do have one dedicated drawer in my deep chest of drawers for little Manny, and -- for a while -- that was all he needed. Now that his clothes are getting larger, we seem to have a hard time organizing things. In fact, while the drawer is supposed to look like this:

It most often looks like this:

Worse yet, I seem to be the ONLY one in the home who knows which clothes are for playing outside and which are to be kept nice for going out. This led me to think back to a post I did on making a stackable workbook organizer for our homeschool. I have grown to really love those storage bins, so I hit my local Walmart to buy a bunch more for organizing baby's clothing!

I started by separating out the nice clothes from play clothes. Each group had its own storage bin. I rolled the clothes tightly to keep them pressed and sorted.

Then, into the drawer they went!

 This is a great idea for shelving systems, too. You can use these organizers for socks, off-season swimwear, baby booties, towels, and more!

I really like our new organizing system (there is even a small space on the side for little baby socks.) The best part is that I can label each tub so that no one gets into the wrong clothes, and they don't have to hunt me down to figure out when outfits are OK to wear to grandmas... and which are best for playing in the yard where the chickens roam.

If you have a small apartment, or no dedicated space for baby's things, this is one of the best ways I've found to keep everything in its place and out of the way.

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