Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Gear is Here!

My boys are super-duper excited about the release of Batman vs. Superman, which is now in theaters everywhere!  Even before the movie came out, our local Walmart was stocking up on all kinds of toys, clothing, and even food items celebrating the most famous rivalry -- ever!

While my kids are saving up for some of the more exciting things available (like the toys), we had a good time window shopping and picking up a few groceries to make our dining fun. We snagged a bag of Doritos, and my kids had to choose between the bag with Batman on the front -- or Superman. The Man of Steel won out by popular vote:

The entertainment section of my store had promos for the movie merchandise on the big screens...

The toy section was the most exciting, with me wanting to take home ALL of the adorable Funko POP! characters.... especially the Walmart exclusives. (They glow in the dark!)

Even if you're not headed into the store right away, you can still get in on the excitement from home with the “Choose your hero” game at! Win votes and digital prizes that can be downloaded instantly. (And you can always shop for stuff online to be delivered to your door!)

And get even more goodies on April 2nd, when your local store may be participating in a fun day of freebies, goodies, and collectables for you choice of superhero! (Call ahead to ensure participation.)

Who do you think will win in the epic battle of superheroes? (I'm personally cheering for Superman, but some of my boys are going with Batman.) Here's what they had to say in this fun little video we did:

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