Completely Customized Browsing for Your Android Phone: Dolphin Browser App

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Do you often feel like your smartphone is NOT on your side? I get it. Even though I have downloaded all my favorite apps to my Android phone, using it can get a bit tricky. I just wish it could read my mind and do what I want it to do without so much hassle!

Dolphin Browser, a free app for your Android phone (it's also available for iOS devices), is a completely trainable solution to help you surf and use the web the way you want to. Like a dolphin, it can be taught to respond to your gestures, motions, and habits so that you have to work less to get more out of your smart phone! With a simple swipe, shake, or tap, you'll have it doing what you want in no time. And it's really easy to learn how to use this app. Anyone can do it!

Part of the way it works so well is with customized "gestures". That's right... a swipe, tap, or grab can signal to your phone just what you want to do, with less typing or texting. (This is awesome for people like me who tend to "fat finger" everything. I once accidentally texted a relative that my 87-year-old grandma was having twins!) You can use the suggested gestures for popular sites like Google and Facebook....

Or, you can add your own sites that you visit often and create a gesture to go with them (like my blog!) Any place you visit online can be added with a special gesture that makes sense to you. If you don't like the suggested gestures ("G" for Google, for example), pick your own! It will ask you to practice and confirm, so that it gets your style of writing down perfectly!

Not only is the browser intuitive, it's fast! You can view your favorite sites with Flash support so that you spend less time waiting for things to load.  Since this browser is to easy to customize, it will take no time at all for all of your favorite sites to be bookmarked. A tap at the bottom of the Dolphin home screen will bring up your Speed Dial shortcuts, and you can be on to the next site you love in seconds.  (The jetpack feature ensures top-speeds with your browsing. I love not having to watch the little progress bar slowly creep across my screen while my favorite sites load.)

And if you're a fan of voice commands, you have to check out the smart voice search feature. It's pretty handy for when using your hands is not practical (or safe.) Just shake the phone to activate. If it's too loud or Dolphin can't hear you (which is typical in my house of screamers), it will ask you to repeat your command. I had no trouble asking for directions, how long to cook a turkey, and any other questions I had that I would normally use Google for. It was all done hands-free (which is good because I often have two fewer hands than I really need.)

You can add third-party apps to make an even better browsing experience. I like Evernote and Facebook, so I've incorporated that into my browsing. You might also like your favorite offline reading tool for pages when you aren't connected to wi-fi, or for when you don't want to use data. Adblock works with Dolphin, too!

What's not to like?

When your'e ready to take browsing to the next level, be sure to check out Dolphin in the Google Play store for your Android phone. It's free!