Easy Under-The-Sink Storage Hack

There is one word to describe the area under my utility sink: gross. Not only is it usually very dirty, but it's where all of my cleaning products go to hide.. leak.. and die. There is usually very, very old product under there that just gets pushed back and left to be forgotten -- never to be used again! I wanted a simple organizing hack that would work to keep products easy to be seen and accessible when not in use! This simple under-the-sink storage hack is easy and amazingly useful!

To do this easy project, you'll need:
  • Short shower rod (the tensioning kind)
  • Organizing caddies, baskets, or shoeboxes
  • Shower rings
Start by cleaning up the area under your sink. I like a simple degreaser mixed in hot water to get the job done. (Use gloves!) You may find that you need to apply a coat of paint to make the area pretty again. A can of white enamel spray paint did the trick for our utility room sink.

When everything is clean -- and dry -- you can start working with your organizing supplies. Your shower curtain rod should be ready to adjust to the right length to stretch across the entire length of the cabinet.

Now you can organize! Place cleaning caddies, plastic shoeboxes, or baskets you no longer need to hold your supplies.

Sort by type of product or the room you will use it in for best storage practices. Hang all spray bottles by the "trigger" on the curtain rod. It will keep them up off the bottom of the cabinet where they can be seen and are easy to reach.

Ready for a bonus tip? Use shower curtain rings to hold a few cleaning rags, rubber gloves, or scrub brushes. (Many brushes have holes in the handles just for this purpose!)

The great thing about this system, is that it can change as your needs change. Unlike other systems that cant' be adjusted as time goes on, this is completely fluid. Make it your own and use it the way you like!

All of our supplies were purchased at Walmart, where you can find an assortment of storage and cleaning items to customize your cleaning station. We even got our spray paint and degreaser there!

(See a complete set of directions for this project, along with dozens of other great spring DIY tips at the Walmart site.)

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