Here's the BEST Way to Keep Kids Entertained at Grandma's House!

Thanks to Pley for partnering with us on this post! 

I am so blessed. My Grandma is 87, but she is still such an amazing part of my life. And my kids' lives, too! When my kids go to see "Grandma", they don't even realize that they are spending time with "great" grandma! She works hard to have things for them to do when they are at her house, including having fresh-baked cookies and ice cream to eat. She also gets all the good toys out for them to play with.

While it's great that there are always things for the younger kids to do (like dolls, cars, and pretend kitchen food), the older kids do sometimes run out of things to do at Grandma's. That's why a subscription plan like Pley is such a good idea!  Here's how it works:

1. Grandma signs up for a Pley account (if she doesn't use the internet, you can set it up for her.)
2. The kids go in and pick the items they want to be in their queue.
3. Pley ships out the next available item from the queue to arrive at Grandma's house.
4. Kids come to Grandma's and find a new set of LEGO's they have never played with before waiting for them.
5. Kids play all afternoon, enjoy their cookies, and leave happy.
6. Grandma sends back the LEGO set in the prepaid package the next time the mail man arrives.
7. Once the toys arrive back at Pley headquarters, a new shipment is prepared to go out to Grandma's house.
8. The fun never ends!

Pley subscriptions are a great way to keep Grandma's house the "coolest" destination ever. You can sign her up for a plan here! They start at just $19.95 a month!