How to Build a $10 Easter Basket

We have had some very lavish Easter baskets in past years. Due to our current budget (we're doing some home remodeling) and the fact that we have six kids to buy baskets for, we've taken it upon ourselves to limit it to a $10 per basket spend.

But what can you put together with just ten bucks?

As it turns out... quite an adorable basket!

We headed to our local Blair store, and hit the aisles looking for items that only cost $1. Sure, dollar stores have things you can buy for a buck, but what about Walmart? We found candy, toys, and even cute little stuffies that fit nicely inside our baskets -- all for just a buck. I also picked up some cute plastic pails to put everything in. (Why pails instead of traditional fiber baskets? They can be reused again and again for toys, in the sandbox, or for holding bath toys!)

Here's the basket we put together for one of the boys.

As you can see, the $10 spend got him lots of goodies! I don't think he'll find it lacking, and we were able to stay under budget.  The basket included:
  • Reusable pail
  • Stuffed bunny
  • Mini gumball machine
  • Peeps 
  • Egg Cup with straw
  • Spongebob Gummy pop
  • Plastic eggs for hiding
  • Coloring book
  • Sour Patch Kids (Easter edition)

There were lots of other items for $1-2 that could fill baskets for older kids and teens. While we steer away from plastic toys (just because we don't need more stuff in our home right now) you could do a candy-free basket fairly easily as well with the assortment of little toys, a sippy cup, and coloring book. Or you could upgrade your basket to one of the licensed character pails and buy less filler.  The possibilities for a $10 basket are endless!

What one item do you look forward to putting in your child's basket this year? 


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