Review of Demme Learning from Math-U-See

My boys love math. I didn't so much as a child, so I'm not quite sure the appeal. I'm happy, however, that they are excited to learn. Teaching it can be challenging for me, so I was excited to review Demme Learning's new Digital Pack for the Delta Level. It has proven to be an amazing experience for my son, and it is also our first encounter with anything from the Math-U-See curriculum family.

We used this math program as our only math program for my 6th grade son, who is playing a bit of catch-up. We did it 4 days a week, and it was the first thing he asked to do each of the days we used it. The Digital Packs are great because you can access them from any device. My son preferred to watch the lessons on our big screen TV in the family room, so we loaded them on my laptop, then streamed them to the TV with our Chromecast. The video quality was great, the sound was perfect, and my son was off and learning in minutes. On days when I wasn't around for the set up, he could just as easily view on the tablet.

We used the additional accompanying Student Textbook and Workbooks, as well as the Integer Block Kit for the full experience. It was really nice not to have to worry about DVD's (which my kids do very poorly with.) Almost all of our movie and gaming activity is done streaming these days, so it is most fitting that our learning moves in that direction, too!

The Delta unit is focused on single and multiple-digit division, something my son was only vaguely familiar with. While we used the placement test on the Math-U-See website to make sure it was the right level, there was a small bit of multiplication review before we got into the new stuff. My son loved the way the teacher explained everything about math theory and the best way to verbalize the math tasks. It think that this really helped my son in his work!

The Digital Packs that are available online ($38) include the following tools:
  • 12-month access to Delta (or the level of your choice) streaming instruction videos
  • Instruction Manual PDF's
  • Lesson and Test solutions
  • 12-month access to Math-U-See Digital Manipulatives (Chrome or Safari browsers)
See a demo of the digital manipulatives below. (It's pretty cool!):

You will still need to purchase the Student Workbook and Tests to use this or any other level. But the savings and convenience of having the lessons and manipulatives in digital form is pretty significant. Families on a budget can use this method to save a bit on their homeschooling cost, and the convenience of having digital tools is great for busy or big families. We really felt like it is a solid program well worth the investment of any of the materials. My son has been super excited to use it each day!

You can check out all of the levels of the Demme Learning Math-U-See Digital Packs at their website. They have options for all grade levels, including the higher maths! I was so pleased to learn about this product, and it's something that I can see using for all of my kids -- regardless of their interest in math.2