Review of the Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz

My kids love building with brick toys. They would do it all day long, if we didn't have other goals for our family and homeschool. We were able to review the Faith Builders Bible this month, and it has changed the enthusiasm level my kids have had for reading the Word. It's now available from Zonderkidz, a leading publisher of Bible-based materials for young people and families.

First, these Bibles are the New International Reader's Version, a version that is (in my opinion) accurate to the intent of the Word, as well as is easy for kids to read. If you've had reluctant Bible readers, but are ready for them to move past collection of Bible "stories", this may be the book you've been waiting for to make that transition without tears or fighting.

I loved the illustrations in the Bible, but really, my opinion on this is not as important as my kids' opinion. We get magazines in the mail celebrating a certain big name brand "brick" company, and my kids get excited and actually argue over who gets to read the magazine first each month. When we received the Faith Builders Bible, the same thing happened. I had to calm them down, because they were so pumped to flip through the pages and see all of the illustrations!

In addition to full-color photos of re-enacted scenes throughout (with brick figures, of course), there are little challenges scattered between the pages that ask kids to try to re-build the scenes with their own brick toys. Instructions aren't provided, but most seasoned builders can figure it out. There are Scripture passages to coincide with each, and a Building Block verse at the bottom, which is usually one "core" Scripture that all Christians should hold near and dear. After all, God asks us to hide the Word in our heart so that we won't sin against Him. What better way to get kids starting this practice than with this Bible?

All of my favorite Bibles have an appendix in the back to look of themes, events, or people. This Bible is no different, but it has simplified it for children. They can look through the list of over 90 Great Bible Stories, and find out what the Book, Chapter, and Verse is for each. It also includes a dictionary for dealing with tough words.

We didn't formally use this book in any organized teaching or home Bible study. Rather, we just left it out for the kids to read at their leisure, which was surprisingly almost every day when we first got it. They still love it, as usually one child can be found lounging around on the couch, flipping through the pages and reading the text that goes with each picture. It now is also used to help them when they want to know something, and we can say "look it up in your Faith Builders Bible". They know what to do.

I can see many years of use for this Bible. The boys have already been trying to decide who will take it to Bible camp this year. Which means, I might as well go to Zonderkidz right now and buy a few extra. (5 boys sharing one Bible has been a challenge!) And since it's the NIrV version, it is a widely accepted "kids" version of the Bible that is used in many schools, camps, and churches. I am really pleased with how well it has been working for our family! (The sturdy hard-cover has been great against the rough treatment of our younger readers, too.)

Check the Bible out at the Zonderkidz site, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter! (This would make an EXCELLENT Easter or Passover present!)