All New Rides for a New Generation: Our Day at Worlds of Fun

Ever since I was a little girl, there was one place that was all I dreamed of visiting. It was Worlds of Fun, and I was so fortunate to be able to go when I was a highschooler!  Just this past weekend, I was invited to attend with my own family, so that they could experience the magic of all the rides, games, food, and thrills for themselves. It was such a memorable day, and something that they will treasure forever.

We spent a big part of our day at Planet Snoopy. This completely separate area inside the park was full of rides geared toward tiny ones all the way up to adults. I couldn't believe how much things had changed since I was a kid. My children couldn't decide on what to ride first, so we hit the rides that were announced as new for 2016.

Among them was the Linus Launcher. Kids get to experience really flying in this ride that lets them lay down and spread their arms and legs out like birds. They went around and around and were so excited when they got off. My son said to me "I now believe that flying is the one superpower I would really like to have!"

The next ride that we had to try was the Snoopy's Space Buggies. I completely underestimated how much your tummy wobbled on this ride. The boys were amazing about bouncing up and down so much, however. This was quite sophisticated for a kids' ride!

We then tried out the Snoopy vs. Red Baron ride. My kids are such big Snoopy fans, and have done research on the real Red Baron for their homeschool. Marcus happily hopped on this ride for younger kids and put on his flying face. He giggled so much when he could pull back on the stick and control the plane!

The kids then took a ride on the Flying Ace Balloon Race that took them way up in the sky. The only issue was that my oldest son got everyone a little too dizzy when he kept spinning them around with the steering wheel. (They weren't too happy with him.)

We tried almost all of the rides in Planet Snoopy, many of them with just the younger kids, but several got the interest of the older kids, too. I love that this park not only allows bigger kids and grownups on some of the rides, but they encourage it! I like that we can stick together and do things as a family on many of the experiences here at the park. It helps us enjoy the vacation and build "together" memories.

Cosmic Coaster

Peanuts 500

Beagle Brigade Airfield
 Everything about the Planet Snoopy part of the park had so much Peanuts charm. Even the signage was distinctively Snoopy and the gang.

We were also able to have a picnic lunch with Snoopy himself! Marcus didn't have to be asked twice to give the big beagle a hug.

Outside of Planet Snoopy, we tried out some of the thrill rides, including the Prowler coaster (just the big kids) and the Fury of the Nile (my favorite ride growing up.)

We also took a family train ride around the park. It was one of the highlights of the day, as everyone was getting a bit tired and it allowed us to see everything and wave at all the guests.

I had really high expectations upon entering the park that day, and opening weekend met every one of them. I even won a prize at "Guess Your Age". The kids haven't stopped talking about their day of fun, and they even take out the map we picked up and reminiscence as they look at the drawings of the rides at the park.

Manny a bit tired at the end of our day

Nothing a nap can't solve...

Is your family ready to make their own amazing memories? I can't recommend a better place to take kids of all ages than Worlds of Fun. We had the time of our lives, and it's really a great destination for Midwest families to explore. You can purchase Worlds of Fun tickets online and save over buying at the window when you get there! (Or get season passes and get extra perks and big savings for multiple visits.)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand, and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.


  1. Your kids look so happy and like they had so much fun! Well, except for that picture where Manny is crying but hey, we have ALL been there done that while on vacation :)

  2. It was a blast! We are going back this weekend. I sometimes can't believe that such a great amusement park is just 2 hours from us here in the middle-of-nowhere Nebraska!


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