Boys Bedroom Flooring Redo: Colorful Rugs for All Ages!

We had the misfortune of discovering mold in our boys' room earlier this year. This required us to remove their carpet (which I wasn't a fan of, anyway) and place some brighter, lighter, and more durable laminate in its place.  We loved the look of the new floor, but something was missing.

Could it be a rug?  We thought so!

We picked out a Mainstays rug with cute skull and cross-bone design. (It was on Rollback for just $10!) The blue, gray, and red was a bold color theme that matched the boys room that we had painted with the Glidden Disney paint from Walmart a couple of years ago (and that is still holding up very well!)

The rug itself is very soft, easy to vacuum, and grips the floor rather well. It's not too big, so it doesn't overwhelm the room, but it makes the floor pop and gives a warm addition to the area beside the boys bunk-bed.

Speaking of the bunk bed, we also gave the bed a new look. The old wood of the bed had survived stickers, markers, and the occasional tooth mark. My husband sanded down the wood before staining it with this Minwax Walnut Gel from our local Walmart and sealing it with a Minwax Poly Aerosol. (Just follow the directions on both products for this fabulous finish!)



My boys are so happy with the new flooring in their room. It's easy to keep clean, and it's fun to customize with rugs! I think we may switch out the rugs from time to time and maybe even make it fun with holiday designs during different seasons!

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