Celebrate Earth Day at Best Buy with the LG Twin Wash and Sidekick Laundry Pair

Having reliable, awesome laundry solutions is a necessity for most families, and is even more important for big families -- like ours!

ENERGY STAR Certified Washer Benefits

And as Earth Day is coming up (tomorrow, in fact), it only makes sense to research the benefits and features of new Energy Star appliances! Not only do ENERGY STAR certified washers use less energy (approx. 280KWh a year), they also use less water; a full-size ENERGY STAR certified washer uses 10 gallons less per load -- or approximately 3,000 gallons per year!

The energy and water savings only increases if you're replacing an especially old appliance (pre-2003). A 10-year-old washer can cast you $230 more per year than upgrading to the newest models!

ENERGY STAR Certified Dryer Benefits

That's not all. You can also save by upgrading your dryer. Newer ENERGY STAR models use 20 percent less energy than conventional models, while keeping some very awesome features (like sensor drying, low heat setting, and the ability to switch to gas.) These extra perks aren't just handy to have for your laundry routine, they give you more savings on your energy bills! 

So, where do you start looking to make the switch? Best Buy currently has some amazing offers for appliances that meet these new requirements. One such option is the LG Twin wash and Sidekick Laundry Pair! In fact, they have a special Earth Day page set up to explain all the nitty-gritty details, and how your choice to upgrade can save precious resources -- just in time for Earth Day!   

This cool set lets you do so much more at once. The Twin Wash can actually help you do two loads at once! And it saves up to 30 minutes on larger loads, without sacrificing clean. There's even a TurboSteam technology built in, letting the cleaning penetrate fabrics to get rid of dirt, grime, odor, and residue. With a full-width lid and detergent tray, you can avoid messy spills, too!

Snag a Sidekick pedestal to complete the set and lift your washer to a comfortable height. While it pairs with almost any LG front load unit, it's perfect for working under the Twin Wash. Use it to wash smaller loads without having to waste water by using the main unit. It's just the thing for small loads, delicates, and efficient cleaning; it comes with a magnetic remote control!

Check out both options, as well as deals to celebrate the season with the Earth Day event at Best Buy!
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