Review of Homeschool Copywork

Copywork is an important part of classical homeschooling, especially for those who follow the Charlotte Mason method. While we have always appreciated the importance of copywork, it hasn't always had the priority it should in our school. This past month, we received a Lifetime Membership to Homeschool Copywork which gives us access to a variety of e-books for copywork and notebooking pages such as the Transportation Copywork for Pre-K through 1st grade e-book and Dragons of the Bible CopyWork, Notebooking, and Coloring pages. We found it much easier to stick to our goals of keeping copywork in mind during our day-to-day activities with a membership to Homeschool Copywork.

We tried out a lifetime membership, meaning that we have forever access to the materials on the site. I immediately dove in to download a resource for my Kindergartner, Marcus. We chose the Transportation Copywork, because it focused on the alphabet and handwriting. Since he really struggles to sit and work on his letters, this was a big help to us.

He would sit and do two to three pages in one day, which is a big improvement over him doing a few letters and then crying because he didn't think he was doing a good job (as he was doing before). Having interesting photos to color and talk about was a confidence booster for him, and we quickly got through all 26 letters, learning names for a few new vehicles along the way.

He was very proud of the work he did, and we quickly ran out of room on the fridge for all of his creations. Since it was an alphabetical theme, we put all of his finished sheets together into one booklet. It will be a nice addition to this year's portfolio for him!

Marcus was pretty happy with this resource. I believe he'll be excited about trying some more, now that we are done with this one.

My older boys worked through the Dragons of the Bible, which was a clever resource providing copywork, notebooking, and coloring pages tied to verses in the Bible that mentioned dragons. I had no idea that they were mentioned so many times!

I really appreciated that there was a variety of levels of work in this resource. My beginning writers could be assigned shorter passages, while my more advanced writers could do longer ones.  The boys were fascinated with what they read!

Homeschool Copywork has a wide variety of resources for Pre-K through 12th grade students. Some of the more interesting titles we came across included:
  • Armor of God Copywork - a variety of verses designed to help your kids become equipped for their everyday life in the Lord
  • Wright Brothers Copywork - learn about history's most fascinating aviators!
  • All Creatuers of our God and King - animals lovers will adore this one
There is a lot of history, art, science and literature to be exposed to through this resource. Use it to mix up your most difficult lesson plans with something fun, engaging, and educational! Copywork sharpens the brain, helps develop language skills, and is a nice break from your typical school work.

I would recommend this resource to long-time users of the copywork method, as well as those just starting out. The downloads from the site are quick, printer-friendly, easy to use, and engaging for all age groups. Learn more about Homeschool Copywork on their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, and Instagram pages.