Easy Summer Fun for Your Toddler on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is upon us! If you are not a fan of crowds or expensive holiday outings, I'm right there with you. In fact, it's really been crazy here with lots of thunderstorms and lots of mud! We have found that we can't plan much with the extreme weather conditions in our area, so we came up with some plans close to home that don't cost much and that my kids will enjoy.

#1 on the list? Bubbles. Yep, my 2-year-old is crazy for bubbles. We bought the Gazillion Bubbles Tornado ($9.97 at Walmart) and this thing can make some bubbles! Manny had so much fun playing with it that we will be getting it out again on Memorial Day for him to enjoy while we grill and chat with friends. I can't even tell you how excited this guy is. You kind of have to see for yourself....

As if playing in mud puddles isn't already pretty thrilling, adding bubbles to the mix made it a toddler's holiday paradise.

Hundreds of bubbles here. I would highly recommend stocking up on the bubble liquid, though.

Since we want Manny to look cute (all those Memorials Day photos) but understand he needs to play, we also picked up a few outfits that are brightly colored, fashionable, and washable. The red robot t-shirt he's wearing is a Garanimals tee. We paired it with some athletic shorts for a very durable getup he can wear day in and day out. It's priced right, too!

We found a few more adorable Garanimals tees and a pair of Healthtex shorts (in stores only). He's a pretty good-looking guy in this!

As long as you have some sun protection and your family and friends around you, I don't think there's a bad way to spend Memorial Day with your toddler or baby. We're looking forward to just kicking back and relaxing, watching our little guy do his thing. What about you?

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