Ready to Get Your Clean On? You Need to Know About Mean Green

*I'm sharing some great home, garden, and farm tips with the help of Mean Green. They have sponsored this series and provided samples to try, but I've been a big fan for years. Opinions are my own.

So, living on the farm can have its perks: fresh eggs, a bounty of things like apples, cherries, and squash, and -- of course -- the room for my boys to run. But having a homestead also has some very harsh realities. Mainly, it's dirty!

What kinds of dirt do we deal with on the farm? You name it. Duck and chicken "droppings", which get turned into fertilizer. Earthworm collection. Grease and grime from tractor repair. Dust... so much dust! There are days I feel like we live in the Dust Bowl when it hasn't rained in some time.

And so, while I do clean an average amount, it is never even close to being enough. Things can get pretty icky in between deep cleans. With kids running in and out of the house, a dirty farmer for a husband leaving his grimy clothes to be washed, and the regular jobs of cleaning up after 3 square meals a day, I feel like I can use all the help I can get.

So, I'm so super excited that Mean Green has asked me to give their top-of-the-line cleaners a try to tackle all the drama that living here on my small acreage has brought us. I will be trying an assortment of products -- each with their own super powers -- and see if it doesn't help me get my jobs done a little easier and a little faster.

I've already taken one for a test drive, but it's too early to share that with you yet. Let's just say that I'm totally pleased with the results, and we'll have some fun videos and photos of ways we've hacked some nasty jobs. You don't have to have a farm to appreciate these. Just a disgust for all things disgusting!

Just so you know what we'll be covering in the rest of 2016, here's a list of the cleaners I'm super excited to share with you (click on each for a direct link to the Mean Green site):

You'll see us tackle indoor and outdoor nastiness. I'll share my honest results. It'll be fun! Check back soon to hear more, or LIKE us on Facebook, and we'll share when the time comes.

(And if you want to learn more about Mean Green, be sure to check out their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Feel free to reach out. Their cleaners are mean, but they aren't!)