Review of Sunya - The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Adding & Subtracting

We have been having a hard time with my middle child remembering basic addition and subtraction facts. We were able to review a new resource available to parents and teachers: Sunya - The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Adding & Subtracting from Sunya Publishing. This very new product is unique in that it uses a pretty fun and engaging method to reinforce math. Since my kids like "games", we were excited to give this product a try!

What exactly is Sunya? The word itself is Indian Sanskrit for "empty". That's because the game's goal is to get rid of all of your cards and be the first person with none left. Then you're the winner!

Game play is not particularly fast, and that's because kids are using several different methods to form addition and subtraction "problems". For example, one card may ask a word problem, and then you have to find cards in your hand that represent that problem. Cards show numbers and objects (in this case, dots) to help kids that have a hard time reading or need to "count up" to find out the answer to the problems they are creating.

I am a big fan of how this game embraces the fact that kids learn their math facts many different ways. It could easily be used in the classroom for students of various learning styles, although we have 6 in our home that are all different in their learning preferences. I can already see that one child will rely more on the picture dots more than another and vice-versa.

Since this is technically a game, it would be used in our home as another learning resource to break up the monotony of worksheets and formal curriculum. Since it is educational, however, I would have no problem skipping math on some days and just playing this game. I would also use it pretty intensely during the seasons of life when kids can't move on to the next place in math. I think it could really be a benefit for the kid who is about to "give up" and stubbornly refuse to keep trying their math facts. (And I think we all have one kid like that!) The game is designed for kids 7+, but it's pretty much for anyone ready for addition and subtraction that can read (or get help with the reading from older siblings or a parent.)

There is also another version of this game that teaches multiplication and division. It is basically the same type of game play, so if you enjoy the addition/subtraction version in your family, you might as well get the next level one, as well! Once the kids understand how it's played, it's pretty simply to incorporate into your learning environment. The kids actually play by themselves now!

Where can you find it? Since this product is so new, we got a sneak peek before you can buy it! Click on the link below to see other parent reviews and learn more about it before it becomes available for purchase.