Review of Valley Food Storage Emergency Food Preparedness Entrees

We are big advocates of keeping dried foods on hand in case of a food shortage, tough financial times, or to simply help stock your pantry. Recently we were sent a few items from Valley Food Storage to try with the kids. I made all of them up on one night and called it "International Buffet"! Here are the items we prepared as directed on the packages, and I'll tell you what we thought of them:

First, our favorite item: The Pasta Primavera. This was a rich, creamy pasta with bits of veggies. It was gobbled up quite quickly by all of us. Super nice flavor with a hint of ranch. I really liked this and would serve it for a weekday dinner anytime! I suggest having a package on hand in your pantry for rushed evenings. Add chicken and a side salad for a full meal!

The Mango Habanero Chili was liked by most of us. It had a very slight sweet flavor from the mango, but mostly it had a heat that was quite appreciated. We topped ours with shredded cheese and served with crackers. Be sure to cook it a bit longer than the package dictates to get the beans extra soft.

We also really enjoyed the Irish Pub Cheddar Potato Soup. It was very thick and filling. It didn't have much of a beer flavor, but you could definitely taste the peppers! Super awesome choice to have with a little bacon or ham on top.

Finally, we enjoyed the Chicken Teriyaki. This really tasted a lot like a sweet and sour dish, but it had pasta instead of rice. You would need to add chicken for a full "chicken" experience, and my kids weren't sure what to make of having a sweet and sour profile on pasta. It was OK, but I think we would like it better as a side dish with a nice big piece of chicken.

Overall, I was very pleased with the selections we tried form Valley Food Storage. They would be a suitable way to keep several things on hand in case of emergencies or just "what's for dinner?" nights. I think we will definitely have to try a few more items from their company so that we can decide how to make up a month supply. I would also not hesitate to purchase the potato soup and pasta primavera for camping trips!

You can learn more about the food storage delivery plans, camping supplies, pantry items and more at the Valley Food Storage website!

*Samples received to try. Opinions are our own.